Using PPC to drive a 121% increase in conversions and a 68% uplift in transactions

The Client

Vue Cinemas are one of the leading providers of cinematic entertainment and experience in the UK, showing the latest film releases with the best technology in the best environment.

Vue Cinemas was founded in the UK following the acquisition of Warner Village Cinemas in 2003 and is part of the largest cinema group in Europe, Vue International.

The Challenge

Vue Cinemas came to us looking for us to shake up their current PPC, reduce non-converting spend, generate incremental account efficiencies from existing PPC activity, whilst ensuring account revenue growth fitted within tight CPA targets.

Vue Cinemas have 84 cinema locations across the UK. Previous strategy wasn’t tailoring PPC account structure to these cinema geographies, which resulted in wastage of spend and negatively affected ad relevancy.

The previous poor account structure was hindering this growth, and they were paying more than they should have been for non-converting and converting terms. PPC had never delivered any cost effective value – the challenge for us was to reverse this view.

A secondary challenge was how to make PPC work without cannibalisation of organic traffic, but instead how we can make the two channels work together for greater gains.

The Strategy

In order for us to deliver growth we knew that we needed to:

  • Remove the wastage of spend on non-converting areas/keywords via a full restructure.
  • Rewrite the PPC account from the ground up, employing BMM and exact only match types, split out each campaign type by the individual cinema location and then bid up weighted depending on cinema priority.
  • Deliver a re-alignment and restructure without and dips or drops, phased by location and campaign type.

All of the above was to be implemented to in a timely manner to ensure that the new site site launch could be supported through PPC.

From that point onwards, it was about capitalising on the solid foundations we had built, for growth of revenue. Bidding rules were built in DoubleClick to apply advanced bidding strategies and to scale back on inefficient areas. In order to deliver on our secondary objective we tested the impact of PPC brand activity on organic traffic sales and revenue, to understand the link between them, and the impact of PPC upon organic.