National coverage for the I conquered campaign

The Client

Founded in 2004, Powwownow’s core focus was to provide a simple, low-cost conference calling service to enable individuals to work smarter. Since then, they’ve become the leading conference calling provider in the UK.

The Challenge

Powwownow challenged Edit to create an effective Digital PR campaign which would help them to rank for the core search term of ‘conference call’. This online campaign also needed to complement their traditional PR activities and deliver SEO benefits by driving backlinks to their site.

The Strategy

Powwownow launched their ‘Call and Conquer’ advertising campaign at the start of 2017, which encouraged workers to avoid the common frustrations of their daily commute by picking up the phone and working flexibly.

Inspired by the ‘Conquer’ theme we created a campaign that looked at what people have conquered in their lives to get to where they are today in their respective industries. The campaign focused on leaders across a variety of sectors, looking at business, sport, and media.

We approached a mix of advocates, from celebrities to CEOs, which enabled us to reach out to a wide variety of media outlets with the content, including LGBT publications, national, regional, and student media.

Once we secured the advocates for each sector, we housed a write up of their stories on a dedicated page onsite, which we could drive backlinks to.