134 backlinks to the site on publications such as The Daily Mail, The Metro, Business Insider, and The Entrepreneur

The Client are a financial comparison website established in 2008 by serial entrepreneur Chris Morling. Based in Cirencester and London, they attract millions of visitors every month to their website, which compares over 17,000 financial products and offers consumers the best tools and information in the industry.

The Challenge had planned significant renovations of their HQ, a castle formally known as The Barracks in Cecily Hill, Cirencester.

Edit were challenged to use the opportunity to make an online campaign about the renovations, to promote the brand for SEO gain and to drive backlinks to the site.

The strategy

In order to maximise the PR opportunities from the renovations, we decided to split the strategy into three key parts, all of which needed to be delivered by January 2017. We planned to carry out activity before, during, and after the launch event.

First, we aligned ourselves with’s internal PR team to make sure we mirrored and delivered their core messages consistently. The main focus was to ensure we communicated that the renovations were carried out to empower employees and offer an amazing environment to work in.

After thorough research and planning, we split our seeding for the campaign outreach into different niches, including interior design, architecture, and viral sites.

We then looked to set up exclusive interviews with the design team behind the castle, which included celebrity designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. This was done all prior to the launch event, which was held mainly for local journalists and stakeholders of the HQ.

Once the event had taken place on the launch day, we outreached to national, international, regional, and B2B sites with the story behind the castle and the reasons for the renovations.

In order to provide the journalists with something to link back to onsite, created a central hub which provided users with information about the castle. This included a video tour, a Q+A with the design team, and staff .