Generating 33 links/coverage and 178 conversions through ‘Driving Emotions’

The Client is one of the UK’s biggest and most popular price comparison services. In 2002, they launched the first ever price comparison site for car insurance in the UK which generates over one million quotes per month. has expanded its range of comparison products over the last couple of years to include small van insurance, motorcycle insurance, car buying and selling, and car finance, as well as a number of tools designed to save drivers money on motoring.

The Challenge

In order to support’s general marketing strategy of focusing on the driver behind the wheel, rather than the car itself, we were challenged to generate a Digital PR campaign which targeted drivers specifically. This would then compliment the SEO strategy by focusing on car insurance as the main product and and deliver links, improving’s back-link profile.

The Strategy

We all know that alcohol and drug consumption seriously affects our ability to drive safely, but how does a good/bad day at work or an argument with a loved one impact our driving capabilities?

We commissioned a scientific study with behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings to explore the effect that driving under the influence of emotions has upon us. Rather than focusing on the typical emotion of road rage, we wanted to create a study which focused on other key emotions that drivers don’t necessarily take seriously.

These included happiness, excitement, stress, worry and exhaustion. The aim was to create a campaign that generated newsworthy headline stats and ensured achieved coverage that differentiated them from their competitors.

An asset was created where users could explore the effect of each emotion on their body, mind and actions, and see how their emotions impacted upon their ability to drive safely.