TV allows you to hit 98% of the population in a month. It’s the single most popular medium for all age groups. Quite simply, no other advertising can build scale as quickly and powerfully. And we know it inside and out.

The way we do TV isn’t just about driving brand awareness. The evolution of programmatic TV and platforms such as Sky AdSmart and broadcaster VOD (things like All4 and ITV Player) means there are now more sophisticated and intelligent ways to target your customers, making it a fantastic channel for brand engagement and direct response.

Our approach to TV planning

There is no one-size-fits-all media plan that will work for every business. We make use of all insight and data available to inform the most effective strategy. Our approach is built around three pillars: insight, agility, and accountability.

We’re not tied to any airtime deals and are agnostic in our approach, using insight to plan, ensuring schedules meet your goals and needs. A plan doesn’t mean less agility though – we react quickly and optimise as soon as we see clear trends emerging. Our lead times are shorter than the traditional TV model, meaning we can drive the maximum number of test and learn bursts into any given period.

Our responsiveness will give you more learning, greater returns, and a better growth rate for your journey into TV. The result? Accelerated growth.