What is social media?

We use social media to create meaningful conversations. Social media encompasses much more than just engaging social content. A good social plan can build affinity with your customers and ultimately drive revenue. And it’s the perfect place to amplify amazing content we produce for your brand.

We build campaigns and strategies that actively increase and engage real followers, drive relevant traffic to the site, and encourage consumers to convert time and time again.

We use reliable data to formulate impactful social strategies for our clients. Whether we’re accessing your CRM and identifying lookalike audiences or using keyword research and analysis to find out what content works best for each channel. Our experience enables us to deliver strategies that are proven to drive real business results.

Our approach to social media

The ultimate aim of social media marketing is to drive visitors to convert while building a loyal community and increasing brand awareness.

We don’t believe in superficial metrics and only report on the results that make a real business impact. We focus on more than just Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We look at all social channels, news outlets, and portals, such as Apple News, to ensure we get the right message in front of the right people.

Working alongside our data science team, we define exactly who your audience are, how they behave, and we establish where your competitors exist within this space. Our approach allows us to identify influencers and opportunities within your niche, complete comprehensive social media audits that include competitor activity, gap analysis, current performance, recommended improvements, and social listening.

This data will feed into the overall social strategy and help us define clear KPIs. We take a fluid approach to social, meaning we have experts on hand to guide the strategy to ensure we’re agile and always get the largest ROI via creative content and paid social.

Tech and Partnerships

Social media training

We deliver social media training courses for in-house teams to help define and grow their social strategy. We use real-life examples and we can tailor our courses to suit anyone, from novice to more experienced social marketers.