SEO Services

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is the technical layer on top of all marketing – websites, PR and social media, content, TV – that makes it work for brands wanting to be found in organic search results. As an SEO agency we make our clients’ digital properties faster, more accessible, and more informative for customers, ultimately making them more visible in search results.

Our approach to SEO

Google is playing catch up. Algorithm updates don’t change behaviour – they’re patches to fix problems searchers are already experiencing. We deliver big organic growth for our clients by helping them to understand their customers better and create websites and content they’ll want to use, removing friction for search engines in the process.

It’s the job of your account manager to learn how you work, help you make the case for change, and make it as easy as possible to get things done. There will be quick wins but 15 years of SEO experience has taught us that big growth comes when we’re really part of your team.

Tech and Partnerships


Every month we train some of the most skilled SEO specialists we’ve met and individuals and teams who don’t do search marketing day-to-day. We make our experts accessible to your whole organisation, bringing new hires up to speed with shadowing and one-to-ones, helping you make the case for change with the wider business, and introducing technical teams to advanced concepts.

Edit (formerly Branded3) has delivered BrightonSEO’s Advanced Link Building Training every year since 2012, sharing strategies and tactics with 200+ digital marketers, both in-house and agency. 17 of us have shared expertise at hundreds of industry events – including our own SearchLeeds conference – and the same engaging speakers work to upskill brands and their teams.