Press planning

You can go broad or go niche, press advertising puts you face to face with your customers no matter who or where they are. Speak to the more than three million people who read The Sun and Daily Mail each week or the thousands who live and breathe your specialist industry via press placements.

But it’s not all about how many you’re speaking to – it’s who. Quality newsprint publications, in particular, can have an older, affluent readership who are responsive yet hard to reach through other channels. How do you find your audience and how do you speak to them?

That’s what we’re here for. Using our expertise and cross-platform data from the likes of PAMCo (Publishers Audience Measurement Company), we can find your audience, strike up a conversation in print, and even continue it online.

Our approach to press planning

Everything is underpinned by data. Once we have an in-depth understanding of the audience and have defined the key metrics for success, we analyse tracking across multiple sources to gain a deep understanding of performance – not just looking at brand awareness scores or call volumes, but also considering search, direct traffic, and other KPIs.

Where we can track call volumes or brand uplift, we buy an optimised schedule cost-efficiently via results-based negotiation, late space offers, and volume deals. Where we can’t directly attribute conversion, we create alternative measurement systems and plan and buy based on audience insight, using analytics to model results. Bottom line, you’ll see what we’re doing, why, and all the uplift you got from it.