Paid Media

(Paid Search, Mobile, Shopping, Feed Optimisation, Amazon Marketing, Paid Social, Display, Remarketing)

What is paid media?

Online paid media is about more than just pay per click (PPC), just display, and just paid social. Delivering market-leading paid media today needs so much more than siloed channel management. The huge increase in the number of platforms and technology partners, along with the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning in advertising, means that we all face a huge challenge.  More than ever, businesses need the right advice and consultancy, the right mix of propitiatory and third-party technology, and the right use of data science to succeed.

Our approach to paid media

  • Best practice, auditing, and control: Our approach has been defined and tweaked for over a decade to deliver an incredibly robust and proven best practice for all paid media channels. We believe in constantly reviewing our best practice guidelines through testing and refining across our client base to deliver the highest level of efficiency and performance.
  • Strategy and creativity: Our paid media strategists work with you to understand the right mix of paid media channels and the right approach on the different platforms to deliver the results and commercial performance you need.
    Paid media is about more than delivering on a best practice approach with the right strategy. Creativity is at our core. Our strategists understand your customers inside and out to deliver the right message, in the right place, at the right time across all platforms in a cohesive way.
  • Technology and partnerships: We strongly believe in applying a mix of proprietary and third-party technology to help our clients deliver the highest level of performance. As well as using industry-recognised technology such as the Google Marketing Platform, we have built a suite of products internally that help us deliver a greater level of accuracy, innovation, speed and reporting for our clients.
    Our technology division at Edit consults with our paid media strategists to help us build technology and platforms that make a difference in our day-to-day delivery for clients.
  • Data science: Data is at the heart of what our paid media team does. The data science team at Edit supports our paid media teams with a full suite of services. From customer profiling and CRM segmentation to machine learning, the data science team has the flexibility and knowledge to support strategies that deliver stand-out performance for our clients.

Tech and partnership

Where possible, we operate our paid media campaigns using a single ‘technology stack’. Using one stack ensures minimal cookie loss and the ability to create first-party audiences for use across multiple channels. Our technology stack of choice is currently Double Click, but we often use other technologies depending on client relationships, such as Adobe.

Alongside third-party tools and technology, we have also developed ‘Edge’, our unique toolkit of automated PPC solutions, developed in-house. All our clients have access to the toolkit, which allows us to automate across campaigns to deliver more accurate and faster planning and execution.

To help us analyse our clients’ competitive landscape, we use several leading analysis tools to give us the information we need daily. These include Adgooroo, Adthena, Searchmetrics, SEMrush, and Hitwise.


We operate training for our clients across all paid media channels. Anything from basic overviews of the paid media landscape, through to advanced training on the execution of campaigns in specific platforms. All training is created uniquely for our clients to meet their specific needs.