Inserts are one of the most powerful one-to-one marketing options, combining the creative power of advertising mail with the reach and low cost of press. Pairing the right audience with the right message is what will really drive ROI. For that, you need data. And we excel at data. Our insight-driven media planning approach delivers growth for you through accurate targeting of new customers, whether that’s inside a magazine or inside their homes.

Our approach to insert planning

We don’t have any interest in wasting money. We won’t risk a cheap media placement if it might underdeliver in terms of response and ROI. We believe in relevancy above all: that the title selection be closely aligned to your target audience. That’s what not only meets KPIs but sees sustainable, year-on-year growth.

Our experience in planning and buying inserts means we provide you with an unrivalled knowledge of the market. There is no single, off-the-shelf database for doing what we do. We’ve invested time and resource into building a bespoke database that provides our planners with a comprehensive view of sector, creative format, volumes, rates, and more, to help them do their jobs better than anyone. To you, that means we get more valuable placements quicker.