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What is analytics?

Analytics provides the data we use to insightfully develop strategies for brands around the world. Our heritage, encompassing search and data and our close collaboration with content, PR, design, and development teams provides us with a unique and unparalleled perspective. From getting a basic understanding of Google Analytics to learning how to use the more advanced features, our experts can help you to get the most out of your data.

Our approach to analytics

Accurate digital reporting is fundamental to great digital decision making. Edit’s analytics offerings ensure you never misreport on your campaign efforts again. From first-time analytics set-up to in-depth website analysis, we can help you to get the most from your analytics data.

Custom Google Analytics set-up

From demographics tracking to enhanced eCommerce tracking and link attribution, there’s a wealth of features that GA can provide to improve data accessibility that isn’t the standard out-of-the-box solution.

Google Analytics auditing

Is your analytics set up for optimal data collection and insights? Our team of experts evaluates and validates the status of your account and suggests changes to help you make the most of your reports.

Goals and KPI tracking

Track the most important actions on your site with goal tracking and follow the user’s journey to understand how you can make it easier for them to navigate and complete the actions you need them to undertake.

Google Tag Manager set-up and integration

Streamline your analytics tagging by using Google Tag Manager. Includes tag set-up, testing, and debugging for integration with Google Analytics and other marketing reporting software.

Custom tracking solutions

Whether your cross-domain tracking needs implementing or fixing, your eCommerce carts need optimising or you have any bespoke campaign tracking requirements, we can help.

Custom reporting and benchmarking

We can help to align your reporting with your business objectives to make sure you have a clear picture of where your benchmarks are and consequently what success looks like.

Ad-hoc analytics consultancy

Through our scientific approach and in-house knowledge, we deliver analytical solutions to any problems that you might be facing on Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or any other package.

Event tracking and virtual pageview tracking

Not all user journeys can be tracked with one piece of JavaScript. We will create a full brief with what events need tracking, how they should be categorised in Google Analytics and debug any events before tracking in Google Analytics.


Tech and Partnerships

Google Analytics training

Whether you’re the experienced marketer wanting to brush up on latest developments or the newbie just starting out on your analytics journey, we can offer bespoke training and workshops to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to keep up with an ever-changing platform.