Data Science

What is data science?

Producing insights from the sheer volume of raw data available and then using these insights to get closer to your customers is a constant challenge.

We transform businesses and their decision-making processes by making them understand the pattern and characteristics hidden within their data. Our data science team helps mitigate business risks and drive business outcomes by helping companies make smarter decisions based on facts and through the application of data.

Our approach to data science

Data science is a term used for people who bring in multi-disciplinary skills of technology, mathematics, and, most importantly, business and commercial acumen.

It requires deep thinking and intense intellectual curiosity to help transform organisations through the application of data. That’s what we pride ourselves on. We drive business outcomes by uncovering truth that lies hidden in data. The quality of people, our approach to problem solving, our style of data interrogation, and our most advanced machine learning platform is what sets us apart.

We act as change agents and difference-makers in situations where you can no longer afford to carry on operating in the way they have always operated.

Tech and partnerships


We train people to become data scientists and deploy data science practices within their organisations. We believe data science is not a one-off activity but a culture, and we help businesses embed that culture by working with business leaders.

We take a very practical approach to data science training, with every training plan built bespoke to you business and its needs. We cater to all levels, whether you’re looking to introduce your teams to data science practices or you want to go the next level and deploy machine learning and deep learning practices. We also run specific technology training (on the tools mentioned above) and train teams to develop data science solutions on specific platforms.

We are thought leaders and are frequently asked to present in conferences and events across the UK and Europe and have won various prestigious awards for our data science work that helped clients massively improve business performance.

Data Cleansing
Good quality data is important for all organisations and it drives everything Edit stands for. Our data cleansing services ensure your data is accurate, providing you with stronger returns and reduced risk.
Profiling & Segmentation
Customer profiling and segmentation helps you come closer to your customers by better recognising customers’ characteristics, behaviour, and traits.
Attribution Modelling
Attribution modelling helps to evaluate the importance of every customer touchpoint. It is vital to assessing the value and the role of every media the consumer is exposed to in their journey.
By understanding the way visitors interact with your site, you can change and improve the whole experience. It’s invaluable to gain insights from analytics data in order to do this.
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